Hitting the target with Citrix Field Kick Off

It’s game time!

Citrix has been a valued client of ours for over 20 years and again came to Orion with their Citrix Field Kick Off campaign; an event held every 12 months to ‘kick off’ the year. The event entails setting goals and engaging the sales and marketing teams across Asia-Pacific and Japan in preparation for a strong year ahead.

The Brief

The event was held “virtually” this year due to COVID, but had more than 400 online attendees from a variety of different countries. Every member of the Orion team worked on this project in some capacity over a 4–5-month period, utilising all of our services – graphic design, website development, copywriting, email marketing, video creation and 3D rendering – and clocking over 450 hours of work in total.

Kitting up the squad for game day

The idea of Citrix Field Kick Off was born two years ago and is heavily intertwined with the theme of football, where employees from all across the globe come together as one team – dubbed ‘Citrix United’. They aim to strengthen their teamwork and list goals they’re going to achieve in the year ahead. And a first-class football team needs a powerful, eye-catching kit to match.

Our graphic designers conceptualised a football jersey totally from scratch, as well as a ‘Citrix United’ club logo which features on the front. All event attendees received their own jersey and were able to personalise it by choosing a name and number to go on the back.

We also personalised the region badges and sleeve colours to identify the location of the attendees, meaning there were six slightly differing versions of jerseys depending on the region of the attendee; ANZ, ASIA, APJ, CHINA, INDIA or JAPAN.

The end result saw us deliver 420 jerseys, in 18 different sizes, full personalised and were printed by local suppliers right here in Sydney. 

Ensuring the goods arrived on time and in style

Once the jerseys were printed and delivered to our office, then came the task of packing each jersey into individual boxes and getting them shipped out to the recipients from a total of 13 countries: Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Ireland, United States of America, Italy, Singapore and the UK.

The flat-packed boxes were assembled and filled with the jersey, a water bottle, notebook, face mask, flyer and sticker. The merchandise filled box was then individually shrink-wrapped to ensure it remained protected while in transit. From there they were registered with DHL and sent off to Citrix United team members, globally.

Engaging video content to dazzle the audience

Our videographers produced four videos that were played throughout Citrix Field Kick Off. These included an introduction video (watch below) that built anticipation by slowly revealing the new jersey which we built as a 3D model. Another with a personal video message from members of the Citrix leadership team hyping up attendees for the year ahead. A third was a compilation video featuring their highlights of 2021 and finally a 3D rendered closing video.

In order to make the closing video, we styled a 3D model of a football stadium, changing colours to match the look of the campaign, adding fireworks for extra dazzle and a huge jumbo screen with a rotating Citrix United logo animation. 

Citrix staff from all over APJ then recorded and sent us videos of themselves cheering whilst wearing their Citrix United jerseys. We then rotoscoped them out from their backgrounds and inserted them into our 3D stadium to make it look like they were all cheering together in the same stadium.

Although COVID kept the team apart and stopped them from attending the event in person, through the magic of our video team we were able to find a way to bring them together – albeit virtually.

PRECISE web DEVELOPMENT for efficient ordering

Our web developers built a dedicated website for Citrix employees to place their order for their very own personalised Citrix United jersey to wear during the virtual event. Employees could choose from 18 sizes and select a number and a name to be printed on the back to make the jersey uniquely theirs.

The website was developed utilising the PHP framework Laravel and integrated with DHL Couriers to allow for up-to-date tracking of all jersey orders – no matter where they were in the world! A custom dashboard allowed Citrix to login and check the progress of orders – whether they were freshly ordered, in the process of being printed, out for delivery or a completed order.

With one of Citrix’s core tenets being ‘work from anywhere,’ we ensured the site worked just as beautifully on phones and tablets as it did on a big screen monitor or laptop.

Getting the team in sync with the citrix playbook

We created a 40-page Playbook for all attendees at Citrix Field Kick Off; a digital resource that outlined the sales and marketing plans for the year ahead.

Working closely with the Citrix team to work out the content strategy, our graphic designers worked their magic to create a vibrant, engaging document that Citrix could share digitally with their staff to make sure the entire team was aligned and kicking goals together.

Email campaigns to keep attendees informed

We designed, developed and sent out email campaigns on behalf of Citrix to all employees attending Citrix Field Kick Off. Some directed them to the website to order their jerseys, while others allowed them to track their deliveries, download the Playbook and thank them for their attendance at the event.

Quality that keeps them coming back

Our relationship with Citrix extends beyond 20 years and we have become their go-to solution whenever they need assistance with a project. Globally recognised as one of the world’s leading technology companies, Citrix know that when they work with Orion Creative they will receive only the highest levels of communication, reliability and quality, and that our team won’t rest until both parties are 100 per cent satisfied with the final product.

Citrix Field Kick Off was by far the largest project they’ve ever assigned to us, but just as we’ve done time and time again in the past, the quality of the output exceeded all expectations and more than lived up to Citrix’s standards.

From the intricate detail on the jerseys and the brilliant production of the event videos, to the structured design of the Playbook and the masterful development of the website, every aspect of the project was outstandingly received by Citrix and all of the event attendees and they could not have been more thankful for all our hard work.

The Response

“I am extremely pleased with how Orion delivered on every aspect of this project – every detail was thought through to help deliver a world-class experience. Their deep expertise and knowledge simply make Orion Creative the best marketing services agency in Australia hands down.”

Karo Esmaili, Program Director – APJ
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