AASB 15 is a sweeping new accounting standard that is due to change the financial reporting landscape like never before. Going into effect on January 1, 2018, NetSuite wanted to create a sense of urgency for businesses to find the right IT solutions to become compliant to AASB 15. Orion Creative was engaged to assist NetSuite in driving a digital marketing campaign, with direction to create a scare campaign that would encourage businesses to start preparing for the new revenue standard AASB 15.

Orion’s challenge was to present the new accounting standard (which can be very complex and hard to grasp) in a way that was accessible and engaging. The campaign was also an important lead-generating tool to encourage people to seek further advice and information from the NetSuite sales team.

To achieve this, we went with a dark and ominous look and feel that was in line with NetSuite’s branding guidelines, yet also stirred up a sense of urgency. We wanted the message to be clear – if you don’t become compliant to AASB 15, your business could face serious consequences.

AASB 15 digital marketing campaign - hero image sketch



The AASB 15 campaign involved various different elements that needed to be conceptualised and created from scratch. The first deliverable was to build an AASB 15 website that would act as the main hub for visitors to access different resources, such as whitepapers, infographics and webinars.

Orion was also engaged to drive an email campaign that directed traffic towards the AASB 15 website and various events aimed at creating awareness around the new accounting standard.


Orion managed all the digital assets required for the AASB 15 campaign, including a website, infographics, web banners, email campaigns and association management.

AASB 15 animation and hero image

The first step in locking in a look and feel for the campaign was creating an animated gif to be used consistently across all AASB 15 assets. We wanted to immediately convey the concept of being ‘compliant’ or ‘non-compliant’ to the new accounting standard, creating an eye-catching animation of an AASB 15 machine spitting out red (non-compliant) and green (compliant) numbers.

AASB 15 website

The AASB 15 landing page acts as a gateway to a resource centre containing various different AASB 15 assets. Website visitors are required to fill out an online form and create an account to be able to log in and access the various collateral. Each user is set up with their own account login so that they are able to bypass the registration form each time they receive an AASB 15-related email.

Our content producers carefully crafted website copy, presenting  information in clear, easy-to-read sections that acted as a teaser of the information available in the resource centre.

The website form acted as a successful lead-generating tool for NetSuite’s sales team, asking users to provide their company details to be able to register for the AASB 15 resource centre, such as job title, business type and company size.


NetSuite AASB 15 digital marketing campaign - responsive website design

Marketing Collateral

Orion’s content producers and designers worked collaboratively to produce various assets for the resource centre, including two infographics that clearly outline AASB 15 and the steps to become compliant. Our team is engaged to continually create, update and add different assets to the resource centre, such as whitepapers, eBooks and how-to guides.

Orion also wrote and designed static and animated web banners to boost traffic and registrations to the website and resource centre.

Email Campaign and Association Management

Once the AASB 15 website and resource centre was up and running, Orion launched an email campaign to drive people to the individual assets on offer. This process included content creation, building eDMs and coordinating  send-outs for each email.

Orion assisted NetSuite with the day-to-day management of the AASB 15 campaign by liaising directly with various media agencies and associations to schedule email sends, book in multiple ads, confirm artwork and organise payment afterwards.


We promoted all of NetSuite’s AASB 15 events by sending out email invites and creating registration emails, confirmation emails, calendar files and SMS reminders.


NetSuite AASB 15 digital marketing campaign - infographics

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