Raising the curtain on Veri Shades

Launching the Clever Curtain – a brand new concept of window furnishings

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Everyone loves curtains: they’re elegant, soft and stylish. But they’re either open or closed. With window furnishings, it really comes down to two options: going for curtains – which look great, but aren’t very practical; or opting for blinds that are practical, but not super-stylish. Or…you can go to the expense of having both (but let’s not go nuts, Moneybags).

So when Orion were asked to help launch a new window décor range that takes the limited choice of “curtains or blinds” out of the equation…well, it was a window of opportunity not to be missed.

Veri Shades is a new product that offers the best of both worlds: combining the softness and style of curtains with the versatility of blinds. It’s a “clever curtain” that offers an all-in-one solution to control light, allow privacy and add elegance to any room.

The Brief

Orion were engaged to help launch the product by developing a website and sales brochure that would act as the key customer/reseller touch points. The aim of the collateral was to increase product awareness and generate demand within a clearly-defined target market. To do this, we needed a look and feel that reflected the product itself: simple, stylish and easy to use; with messaging that clearly communicated how the product will address the needs of its target audience.


Orion handled all photography for Veri Shades, including product photography and lifestyle photography. The lifestyle photography shoot involved capturing the product in-situ with various interiors and decors. This helps customers visualise the product working with their own décor ideas.

The product photography involved focused, close-up shots of the product and its various fabrics, colours and track options. We reviewed the photos and generated a contact sheet containing the best shots for the client for review. Photos selected from the contact sheet were then deep-etched, refined, stylised and prepared for future print/web use.

We used a combination of lifestyle and product photos in the sales brochure, website and sent the files to the client for future use.

Veri Shades photography
Veri Shades photography
Veri Shades photography

Logo design

Veri Shades is a unique, soft, stylish product and the logo needed to reflect this. Computerised fonts simply wouldn’t be suitable for this brand, so a custom solution was needed. Orion illustrators used hand-drawn, custom lettering to design the logo. Our graphic designers then digitised the artwork before presenting a variety of options to the client for review.  The final logo was then finessed, stylised and various file types were prepared for print, web and the client’s future use.

Marketing collateral

Orion designed a website and brochure to showcase the Veri Shades product and allow users to learn about the product’s features and assortment of colours, fabrics and track options. Our copywriters wrote the content to clearly explain the benefits and generate excitement around the product’s launch.

The website is built with responsive design, enabling users to easily view the website on all devices. A photo gallery and interactive colour visualiser allows users to see the Veri Shades range in-situ within a variety of decors, colour ranges and interior styles.

We produced a sleek sales brochure to introduce the product and generate excitement around the launch.

Another successful project

Veri Shades came to Orion wanting a website and marketing collateral as revolutionary and picturesque as the Clever Curtain itself, and that’s exactly what we gave them.

Our photographers, graphic designers and web developers combined their expertise and worked closely together on this exciting project, and to this day, the Clever Curtain remains one of the most advanced, popular products in the market.

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