How about sprucing up your interior?

We were given the opportunity to help out Hardman Communications with their interior signage. With the key purpose of providing privacy for staff and clients.

Downstairs involved a set of 5 glass panels including a door into the board room and upstairs consisted of 4 glass panels, for Sue Hardman’s office. Rather than ‘boring frosting’ or a solid block of colour, Hardman Communications wanted to utilise the swirl elements of their logo and work with pre-existing colours within their office.

Artwork Dimensions and Specs

Board Room (Downstairs):
Height: 1200mm (600mm above floor level)
Width: Left Panel – 906mm, Door – 724mm, 3 Right panels – 2770mm

Office (Upstairs):
Height: 1200mm (600mm above floor level)
Width: 3 Left Panels – 2343mm, Right Panel – 966mm

Other things to consider:
A straight edge design, rather than a curved edge, for ease of installation


The design of the office signage was based on the Hardman Communications logo consisting of a circle broken into a number of arcs in a light and dark green tone. We took the logo and emphasised its free-flowing nature, by making them into swirls. The fluidity of the large sweeping swirl across each panel suggests a sense of movement and calm and brings about the idea of the spread from one channel to another, that is, communication.

Final thoughts

This was a project different from what we usually get in at Orion, allowing for creative freedom. The client was quite open to see what we could come up with and were overwhelmed by the initial concepts.

“Wow you really got creative!” – Sue Hardman

The designs are completely vector-based using Adobe Illustrator, which allows for large scale artwork without pixelating. Working with the curves, particularly the large swirl was difficult, as I had to make sure the lines were smooth. On a large scale, any kinks would be obvious to the naked eye. To see the final design within the office space is amazing and definitely makes this new office space a modern, fresh and contemporary workplace to be in.