This won’t hurt, we promise!

An eye-catching illustration often lingers in the mind of a customer along with its message.

Several of our graphic designers are also skilled illustrators who delight in the chance to get out their coloured pencils to help clients get a message across.

Well, they tell me the tools they use are a little more sophisticated these days. Take a look at our designer Shaun’s illustration for client Syngenta. Crop protection at its cutest!

Created for a series of press advertisements, ‘wheat boy’ tells us that disease prevention is available for young grain crops like it is for children – through immunisation. Bright and eye-catching, it appeals to our sense of humour and empathy. The ad has greater impact than if it relied purely on a message based on written information. Plus, among a sea of ads for tractors and crop spray, it’s unique and personable.

If you’re one of the growing numbers tiring of generic iStock photos, ask us about our illustration services. It won’t hurt at all!