Space Ninjas crash website launch

What better way to launch a new website than to make a game of it?

We reckon a game of custom-designed Space Invaders is the perfect way to launch the new Orion website, and we want you to play! Dust off your old arcade-era know-how, flex your space bar and pit your skills against the tenacious invading aliens. And if you can do it better than anyone else, you’ll win $500!*. Competition closes November 1.

Our developers have enjoyed building the game and the design team have given it an Orion sleek-yet-cheeky look and feel. The Space and retro themes fit with the way do things at Orion – old school design fundamentals integrated with a ceaseless quest for mastery over the latest tools. It also communicates our brand’s lighthearted ethos. Sleek, cheeky and geeky sums us up pretty well.

Who – or what – is Space Ninja?

If you’ve been to our office in Norwest Business Park, you’ll have met our mascot Space Ninja who guards the door (and if you haven’t, why not drop in sometime?). Space Ninja has been growing his profile lately. You’ll have noticed he’s all over the new website. Now he even has his own game. Who knows where he’s likely to turn up next?

Anyhow, enough of that, there’s no time to lose. The aliens are invading NOW! Play at Now until midday (AEST) November 1.

Fun, creative and a little bit cheeky: that’s Orion.

* Yep – of course we have terms and conditions. But they’re not dodgy ones.