Harmony collection rocks Ontera

Working alongside Kevin Harkin, Jeremy Mead and the Ontera team on the campaign for Harmony Collection has been great fun. The Harmony Collection is a range of carpet designs inspired by nature. We fully realised this connection to nature right across the campaign; from website to signage, logo design, brochures, photography, package design, email marketing, stationery, printing, and video production. We developed for the client a number of techniques to streamline the efficiency of the campaign and minimise costs for the client; a dedicated in-house photography studio (with magic powers) was one such technique.

Greatest hits of all time

One of the rewards of this project has been seeing the amount of interest the campaign has generated for Ontera. Since launching the Harmony Collection, Ontera has seen more than double the number of hits to their website, taking their monthly hits to just under 14,000.

Harmony collection launch

To further raise the profile of the Harmony Collection – and to have some good old fashioned fun involving cake – Ontera organised a series of launches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and in New Zealand.

Mark, Jas. Shaun and Sam headed along to the Sydney launch on Wednesday September 5th. Held in the Lion Gate Lodge in the Botanical Gardens, Ontera kept the connection to nature theme going strong. It was a great chance to catch up with Kevin, Jeremy, Head designer James Mfula, National Sales Manager Craig Hewitt and the rest of the Ontera team. The food was great, too.