Enfojer: Dark room developer for your smartphone pics

A campaign started on IndieGoGo aims to bring old school photography and traditional dark room developing techniques to the new age of technology.

The Enfojer is a portable smartphone photographic enlarger. It allows you to develop photographs from your smartphone at home without using any film. In an original enlarger, the film’s negatives are always the photographic source that will become enlarged, but by using the Enfojer your smartphone is the negative film.


It’s so easy, check it out:

  • Simply take a picture using your smartphone
  • Turn off the lights, but leave on a small red LED light
  • Load your smartphone in the Enfojer cradle with the screen facing down
  • Adjust the picture size and sharpen
  • Snap your fingers. Yes, you read it right
  • Load the photographic paper
  • Snap your fingers again to start the exposure process. Wait one minute
  • Once paper is exposed. Develop, stop bath it, rinse it in water

And voila! A black and white photograph made the old fashion way using new age technology.

This short film, made by those behind the concept, shows how it works.

The Enfojer itself will come to the price of $200, and $450 if you want The Enfojer with a red LED light, photographic paper and trays for developing. The only thing that won’t be available is the developing chemicals, which can easily be accessed from your local photo equipment store or online.

Remember this is still a project that needs to funded to make it in stores, so if it’s something you’re interested in, visit the Enfojer IndieGoGo site to see how the fundraising is going, to pitch in (it’s a bit like putting one on layby) or to learn more about the Enfojer.

October 4th 2013 is the last day to pitch in, so head to the site now.