Projects Mighty and Napoleon – the future of cloud sharing

Multinational software company Adobe has announced that its latest pieces of hardware, Projects Mighty and Napoleon, will be released in the first half of 2014.

The stylus (Mighty) and ruler (Napoleon) that is fitted with cloud storage technology, could revolutionise the way graphic designers and illustrators work. This hardware will be accompanied by two new Adobe apps:

“Project Parallel, a drafting iPad app designed and developed from scratch for the Project Napoleon hardware. The second, Project Contour, is essentially Kuler for shapes – take a photo of a favorite object or shape on an iPhone and access it with Napoleon on the iPad to simplify architectural line sketching, drawing and ideation. Together, they enable what we like to call “straight line sketching,” a simple and expressive way of getting your creative ideas recorded.”

Ok so let’s break it down and see how each of them work:

Project Mighty

  • Project Mighty is a twisted three sided stylus pen that is cloud sharing connected.Mighty
  • It will have a narrow precision tip for more intricate and smoother drawing.
  • The new accompanying apps have been built to recognise the difference between the pen and your finger, therefore drawings can be easily erased by using your finger. Handy!
  • Undo with a tap of a finger and redo with a tap of two fingers.
  • Lets you copy a drawing by using the button on the stylus and paste it to any other device that has the apps already stored on them. Mind blowing or what?

Project Napoleon

  • Project Napoleon is a short ruler (hence the name) that can digitally project a guide when placed on an iPad, which is used to draw lines, curves and other shapes.Napoleon
  • Can only be used with Project Mighty.
  • You can choose what type of line or shape you want to draw by touching the buttons on its surface.

The price for these handy drawing hardware have not been released, but I’m pretty sure it will make you dig deep into your pockets.

For more info you can visit the Adobe website or watch this detailed video on the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube page.