Social marketing tips: 3 platforms on the radar

You’re probably well versed in the benefits of social networking and its instantaneous effect in getting your business brand out to the customers who matter the most. But, as we’re often reminded from social predecessor Myspace and its most triumphant competitor Facebook, social networking is continually evolving and expanding.

Every week newer and more refined social platforms are entering the social stratosphere. These new platforms are quickly gaining the attention of big corporations ready to embrace a new era of social marketing. Here are three rising platforms to watch out for:


1. Medium

medium social marketing tips

Medium is an ever-growing digital publishing and blogging platform that is being compared to online magazines and upscale content farms. Medium focuses on the quality of an author’s work, rather than an author’s popularity across their social media platforms. The better the quality, the more views you are likely to receive.

With comprehensive key metrics and over 600,000 users, Medium is giving authors the opportunity to establish themselves as industry leaders to a targeted audience interested in their content and their brand.


2. Periscope

 periscope social marketing tips

Periscope is a live streaming app that is becoming a major influencer in digital and social marketing – proving to enhance customer service and market your brand to a much larger community of people. Within a year of its release, it has garnered over 10 million users.
The app is a streaming tool that is compressing a Google Live-style format into an Instagram-style app – with a broadcast feed, live stream notifications, subscriptions, instant messaging and connection to other social platforms.

Companies taking part in this new marketing tool include Red bull, Spotify and Ralph Lauren – just to name a few. Ultimately, Periscope is proving to be one of the most valuable tools being used to raise brand awareness.


3. Snapchat

 snapchat social marketing tips

When we think ‘Snapchat’, the first thing that pops into our heads is probably not ‘Social Marketing’. Its casual undertones don’t usually suggest a professional approach to marketing, but this is exactly what makes it such an important social platform for your business.

By showing content such as office culture and product production – businesses are able to create a personal and casual relationship with their customers. The photo and video instant messaging app, with its 10 second viewing limit and story feed is sending content to viewers approximately 2 billion times a day.

With big users such as McDonalds, Taco Bell and General Electric – Snapchat is quickly making its place known in the world of social marketing.


So there you have it, social marketing tips highlighting the top three rising platforms. If you’re looking to boost your brand on social media, the team at Orion Creative is here to help.