Next-gen social media marketing

Being a part of the ever-evolving world of social media isn’t an easy job. With new, more advanced social platforms popping up on a regular basis, it can be an overwhelming task to keep track of which ones to use to market your business. Part 2 of this article explores three more emerging social media platforms that use a merit-based system for promoting businesses.  These platforms focus on the customer experience: the better the experience, the higher your user rating. The higher your user rating, the greater potential to reach more customers.


Next gen social media marketing - Yelp

‘Where do I go and how do I know it won’t be a let down?’ These are common questions your customers are probably asking themselves as they search for a suitable business that could meet their needs. From local restaurants to reliable plumbers, hotels to health services, you want to be assured that the business you choose has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

Reaching over 70 million users, Yelp is the perfect social platform that encourages its users to review products and services whilst also allowing your customers to be able to check-in, offer tips, leave star ratings and upload photos.

Yelp is one of the many emerging platforms that are holding businesses accountable and rewarding those that provide positive customer experiences. So if your business prides itself on customer service, consider marketing via this platform.


Next gen social media marketing - Quora

Being a part of this generation of internet users can often be a difficult task for customers/clients looking to find the perfect person to answer their complicated questions. With new and trending Q&A forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers is practically a thing of the past. Quora is a popular Q&A forum where questions can be asked, answered, edited and organised by its community of users.

Quora has a vast community of industry leaders in all fields – allowing for more accurate and trusted information to be contributed to customer/clients questions. With over 700,000 monthly users and a broad list of categories such as science, criminology, design and politics, businesses are now able to build their expertise and authority – widening their reach and their brand.


Next gen social media marketing - Foursquare

Remember when it was commonplace to pull out the yellow pages and a paper map to find the most convenient business?  Well those days have been and gone. Foursquare is a check-in app that helps its users find the most convenient businesses with the best ratings. With over 50 million users, 60 million reviews and 2 million businesses promoting their business, Foursquare is fast becoming the perfect platform to get your business noticed.

Businesses are offered weekly analytics to help understand who’s visiting each week, who’s visiting for the first time and how your business is fairing with your customers/clients. The platform also offers social share options to allow your business’s information to become more easily accessible to a broader audience.

If you’re looking to become a part of the ultimate city guide for businesses, look no further than Foursquare.


So there you have it, three social marketing tips to help keep your business ahead in the game. If you’re looking to build your business’s social presence, the team at Orion Creative are here to help!

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