6 design trends catching our eye in 2017

2017 trends we're excited for

With 2017 well and truly in full swing, let’s take a look at what’s getting our team pumped for the year ahead:


Shaun’s pretty animated about animation:

“I have always played around with and had an abiding love for animation, so I’m excited that it is becoming more and more prominent in web design. From Google Material’s real-world-influenced UI motion, to the way Twitter’s heart button rewards a click with a sparkle and a flutter, these are the sorts of small, user-rewarding details I’m looking to build into digital work this year.”

Shaun Hagarty (Creative Director)



Janine’s getting straight to the point:

“More white space! Designers love it (clients usually hate it) – minimalism is a trend we’re seeing more of lately – particularly in branding, packaging and layout. From transparent bottles to monochromatic colour palettes, less definitely can be more by letting a product speak for itself. Without the clutter, it exudes truth.

I want to master the art of minimalist layout by relying on design principles to bring a project to life rather than suffocate a design with too many ideas and content. Embrace the space!!”

Janine Warner (Senior Graphic Designer)



For Sam, if it’s big and bold, it’s beautiful:

“This year gradients are back, but in a completely different way that is bold and bright. I’m looking to add some vibrancy and dimension with gradients whether you use it as a two colour overlay treatment in photography, within logos or typography.

Colours may be subtle and harmonious, or something more extreme and intense like clashing contrasting colours – obviously depends on the project and client, and whether it’s something that suits the brief. It’s youthful, intense, and adds something unique to what may be a plain stock image.

It can also be used as a background colour with some nice big bold typography.”

Sam Leong (Team Lead – Digital Design)



Dil’s love letter to typography:

“One thing that’s caught my eye with this forever-changing industry is the demand and popularity of hand lettering. I find it absolutely beautiful and it adds a real personal touch to a creative. I’m really excited about being involved in more typography work this year.”

Dalal Nizam (Digital Designer)



Design’s coming to life for Jas:

“I’m excited to see motion graphics come into play for design. It used to be all about flat, static imagery, but now I think motion is stepping it up even further as a user experience. From a tap of a button on websites it gives it much more meaning because of motion. Can’t wait to see where this trend will progress in 2017!”

Jasmine Ng (Digital Designer)



Jesse’s thinking outside the square:

“With flexbox now being supported in all modern browsers and CSS grid support coming early this year, I’m looking forward to being able to develop much more innovative web page layouts.

I’ll be able to push the boundaries of past CSS limitations, while also making adjustable layouts for various screen sizes and devices easier and more predictable.

thewowcompany.com and upstreamint.org are two sites that have already jumped on this modern layout trend. Other sites already using this include infinityfoodsretail.coop and theguardian.com/au.”

Jesse Fisher (Front End Developer)


If any of these design trends catch your eye and you’d like to find more ways to freshen up your marketing, get in touch with us today.