Freshly squeezed branding for the Citrus Factory

A sweet new style for traditional lemonade maker

There’s nothing quite like a fresh glass of traditional lemonade to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day, and the crew at the Citrus Factory are the absolute pros of all things lemonade. From humble beginnings, they’ve extended their business beyond their home-base at the eclectic Glebe Markets, travelling all over Australia to visit food markets and festivals.

Dedicated to producing 100% natural lemonade, the Citrus Factory have been quenching festival-goers thirsts since 2003 and were well-and-truly ready to take their classic lemonade stall to the next level with fresh new branding.

The brief

A new logo would set the scene for the full range of deliverables. Classic lemonade stand signage with lovely white chalk writing on blackboard was the inspiration, and lettering would be the hero. Tasked with creating a modern twist on the traditional, the Citrus Factory required signage for their stand marquee, design and artwork for their personal shaker bottles and cups as well as additional signage for their subsidiary business – the ‘Lil Popcorn Factory’.

The solution

Orion’s graphic designers had an absolute ball experimenting with fonts and combinations of custom lettering and design elements. Having presented a few concepts, there was a firm favourite that everyone felt truly represented the Citrus Factory and hit the brief perfectly! Fun, cursive lettering with strategically placed splashes in vibrant yellow with a black background, perfectly convey their business.

The designers applied the new logo across the remaining project elements. The marquee and signage had bold ‘fresh lemonade’ text added that would easily stand-out in a maze of stalls at any given market setting or music festival. Additional designs were created for the marquee too, with the logo remaining the centrepiece. A quick inverse of colours and the logo transferred beautifully to the cup and shaker artwork.

The response

This project was an absolute joy for Orion’s designers, who relish any opportunity to put their creative flair to the test. The Citrus Factory have gone from inconsistent, out-dated branding to a refreshed, modern logo and polished branding that puts a modern twist on the classic lemonade stand.

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