A cut-through digital marketing campaign for MTP

From concept through to design and beyond

With over 50 years of experience providing pump solutions to their customers, Malcolm Thompson Pumps (MTP) is at the forefront of their industry. As part of the Questas Group, the company prides itself on offering a solution for all pumping needs and services the mining, utilities, municipal, industrial and agriculture sectors.

MTP recently started manufacturing a new Stalker hydraulic dust-suppression pump. This pump is unique in that it gets the job done around twice as fast as most comparable competitor products. With this cutting-edge new pump, MTP required an outstanding marketing solution. MTP turned to the experts at Orion.

The brief

A key directive was to move away from the dark and gritty themes typically portrayed in pump advertising. MTP wanted an out-of-the-box concept – one that was benefit driven and destined to stand out from the crowd. It would need to reflect the innovation of their new dust suppression technology and position the brand as leaders in their industry.

This concept would need to be conveyed across digital components that would be used online, as well as a series of remarketing banners.

The solution

Tasked with concept development, Orion’s content team got together to brainstorm some ideas. Numerous concepts were considered, but three were identified as the best fit for the brief.

These are the top 3 concepts that were presented to MTP/Questas:

  1. Classic winner pose with our hero maintenance manager holding the pump up like a trophy.
    Headline: From zero to hero in around half the time!
  2. The tortoise and the hare in the race for fast maintenance.
    Headline: Eat my dust!
  3. A visual treatment that suggests balance and more productivity with less inventory.
    Headline: Dust suppression just got more productive.

In the end, the classic portrayal of the tortoise and the hare won out against the other two options. It was then up to Orion’s designers to bring the concept to life.

Simple, bold imagery of the tortoise and the hare facing each other in an intense stand-off, effectively portray the story-book contest between unequal competitors. The client agreed that this visual was a fitting representation of the rivalry between MTPs dust suppression pump and competing products.

Orion’s copywriters assembled a succinct headline and secondary text that supported the concept brilliantly. The result was an effective and highly engaging series of marketing collateral that fit the brief beautifully.

The Response

We really liked the ads developed by the Orion team and we thought you guys met the brief in terms of the creative approach you developed. The campaign started 1 March 2019, and we’ve had a number of enquiries come through the landing page which is good.


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