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New Website: Hear the Children

Hear the Children provides specialised therapy, free-of-charge, to hearing impaired babies and pre-schoolers.

Orion provided Hear the Children with a free-of-charge content managed site, so they can continue doing their great work with hearing impaired babies and pre-schoolers.

It’s just a nice, warm, baby-smelling story all round…sorry, got a bit clucky there.

How Orion helped the donations skyrocket!

Back in late 2010 we were approached by two lovely ladies from Hear the Children (after they saw what a great job we did for Wings Away) to work on the Tour de Hills website.

The Tour de Hills is a charity bike ride event held every year to raise funds for the Rotary Club of Castle Hill and they pass on the donations to their selected Charities. This year the major charity was Hear the Children, a not for profit organisation that helps hearing impaired children and babies to learn to talk.