responsive design

Responsive web design: why go mobile?

Until quite recently, websites were designed to be viewed on desktop computers.

With the explosion of visitors now coming online via mobile phones and tablets, as web designers and developers we’re taking a fresh look at what defines a good user experience.

That post-holiday glow

Your website is one of the most important ways to communicate with your clients. At Orion we think of our site as our hardest working employee, tirelessly out there 24/7, getting to know clients on our behalf. That’s not to say our other employees (pictured) aren’t hard working, too – but for one selfish reason or another they all demand regular leisure time.

Our website on the other hand had worked non-stop for 627 days with not so much as a coffee break, so it was finally time to indulge our best employee. After a sojourn of mud packs and cocktails by the pool, our website is back, looking – we think you’ll agree – refreshed and sporting a glorious post-holiday glow.

Somfy Cup

Somfy approached us to create an online trade competition. It would be driven by an extensive online portal and content management system. Sales reps would log in and register their sales to be in the running to win some—excuse my French—bloody good prizes…oh, oui oui!