Adobe ‘Make IT’: explore, create and innovate

Last month, Adobe’s ‘Make IT’ Conference blessed the streets of Sydney and left in its path a crowd of newly inspired creatives ready to smash fear itself in the pursuit of creative innovation. Three of our designers had the opportunity to partake in the event and listen to some powerful talks from a few of the world’s top creative thinkers. Taking place in Eveleigh’s Carriageworks, the cutting-edge creative conference draws in local designers, developers, editors, animators, creative directors and marketers for a day of education and inspiration.

adobe make it conference

Big names, big ideas

This year the incredible pioneers behind the conference left the crowd with some compelling speeches about fear in the creative field. Renowned speakers from fields across branding, typography and photography shared their insights into their careers, personal creative processes and personal fears. Some big names included:

  • Erik Johansson – Photographer
  • Gemma O’Brien – Illustrator and Typographer
  • Jason Little – Creative Director

All speakers shared insight on their experiences with the fear of failure and the fear of exposure, inspiring the crowd with how their passion for creativity has evolved and surpassed fear.

Our senior digital designer, Jasmine was particularly moved by the speakers: “I LOVE typography so it was inspiring to listen to Gemma O’Brien talk about her struggles before she made it out to the big world. One of her quotes says it all: ‘Take work seriously, not yourself’– that’s something I will keep at the back of my mind every time I’m working on a client job.”

erik johansson adobe make it

Seeing it all in action

Between speakers, our designers had the opportunity to see live demonstrations on how Adobe have been working on improving efficiency, work flow and the design of their Creative Cloud Suite range. Some new features include:

  • An app that can now capture colour from anywhere.
  • Programs that improve the responsiveness of websites across multiple devices.
  • A portable digital sketch book that transforms ideas from simple sketches to editable working files that can be accessed from a central hub across multiple Adobe programs.

Sam, our design team lead discovered some techniques on how to improve productivity when designing: “I’ve learnt that there is a tonne of stuff out there that could help our workflow and offer a more developed approach to how we work.”

live demonstrations adobe make it

Ready to make it happen!

By taking part in this cutting edge conference, our designers were able to gain an insightful look at the changes being made within the design, web development and marketing world – both skill and product wise. As Dalal (Dil), our digital designer says, “I received some great insight into some of the programs Adobe has been working on and how the programs can be utilised in my work. It’ll not only improve my workflow but also my outlook when designing.”

At Orion, our fresh and innovative approach to design is just one of the many ways we can help your business stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for new and inventive ways to get your business’s brand out there, our team of creatives are here to help!