Orion goes to Adobe MAKE IT

Finding new pipelines of creativity is a designer’s dream come true and the Adobe MAKE IT event is always a great source of inspiration. Shaun, Jas and Sam went along to the annual event for a full day of talks from inspiring industry creatives, and a sneak peek into the exciting projects Adobe are working on to make our work flow as creatives as fluid as possible.

Adobe Make It 2017

In no particular order, here are Shaun, Jas and Sam’s top 10 takeaways from the event:


Being reminded to consistently challenge yourself and that it’s possible, even beneficial, to inject your personality into client work (while keeping in the realms of the brief of course!).


Getting previews into some of Adobe’s newest features, like editing After Effects templates straight from Premiere.


Chowing down on some damn tasty food.


Seeing the latest advancements in Adobe Stock, like drag-and-drop searching, and searching just from a basic sketch, straight from Photoshop.



Being charmed by cool-guy Timothy Goodman and the humour he brings to his designs.


Jas and Shaun playing the button game. Jas won, Shaun blamed “baby brain”. But really he has old man reflexes now.


Catching Gareth O’Brien and his team’s amazingly fun character animation, we particularly enjoyed this work.




Learning that producing great work takes time to brew and develop ideas.


Seeing that video and animation is here to stay, with VR coming soon to the adobe suite.


Drinking all the free coffee, booze and hitting up the banging after party to get to know fellow creatives.

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