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How to Boost Your EDM Open Rates

Email marketing is important. It’s your chance to build relationships with leads and customers past and present at a time that’s convenient for them. However, as email is the only direct digital connection a business

Why responsive email?

Do you ever check your emails on your phone? Yup – I thought so. Me too. According to a recent Litmus study, 44% per cent of emails are now opened on a mobile device.

Write engaging emails

Are you introducing email campaigns into your marketing communications?

Wanting to get better results from the emails you send?

This article will help you write engaging emails that help you meet your targets sooner.

Write a winning email subject line

When your email arrives in your subscriber’s inbox, there are two things that straight away impacts the likelihood of it being read. These two things are

  • the identity of the sender in the “from” field, and
  • the email subject line.

As for the “from” address – keep it simple and recognisable with your company name. But how do you write a subject line that will get your email opened?

Understanding your Email Campaign Results

We have a lot of clients who use our email marketing system to keep in touch with their subscribers. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably come across our reporting system as well. It’s very comprehensive and offers a load of information, including who’s been reading your content, who’s shared it across social media, and what times people are accessing your campaigns – all valuable marketing data!

We’ll use the October Orion Newsletter* to describe some of the features you may not know about, and answer some common questions.

E-marketing, spam and my business

When we think spam, it’s often a junky email offering ph@rmaceut!cals, Casino Royale or fake Rolex watches which spring to mind. True, we may also think Monty Python.

But spam is not always as obvious as those dubious messages sent en-masse. As business owners or employees are we ever –GASP!- unwitting perpetrators ourselves?

Love your business blog

Love your business blog…and it will love you back.

Posting a business blog entry can be a little like date night. Ok, it doesn’t tick all those boxes.

But it does involve setting aside time to foster your relationships with your customers.  It can provide a break from the routine of a day in the office or on the floor, and a chance to let your creativity off its leash.

Why should Santa use Email Direct Marketing?

Good question, I am glad I asked it.

With the kids these days streaming their hip hop rap music, dancing at their all night disco clubs and finding out about these all online, it is hard for someone like Santa, in his workshop, surrounded by elves, carving away at the little wooden toys to keep up with the speedy demand from his clients (or hip hop listening disco dancing children).

Baa baa baa, baa baa the Rams

With 4 sporting divisions (Netball, Cricket, Little Athletics and Soccer), over 1500 registered players, and each sporting division boasting their own committee, the Rouse Hill Rams has evolved from an idea at a local pub, into a unique sporting model not seen anywhere in Australia.

Orion has sponsored the Sports Club since inception in 2006, and along with a handful of genuine sports mad Dads and Mums, have helped shape its dynamic setup into a recognisable sporting service provider within the Hills community.