Five proven ways video content can help grow your brand

When many businesses plan their content, they rely on the staples: text posts, articles, imagery and links to their website. What many fail to include in their plan, however – and quite often the missing piece of their content puzzle – is video content.

In the Spotlight: January 2022

Putting brands in the spotlight It’s been a whirlwind month at Orion Creative since returning to the office from lockdown, and our team has been busy working on a number of exciting projects. Here are

What is kinetic typography?

Kinetic typography literally means ‘moving type’; and refers to the dynamic presentation of words, characters and images in a video.

We’ve seen different approaches to the time-based movement of words since opening titles and captioning in the early days of film. But sorry, if you’ve ever been told that highly trained fleas are used its making, then I’m afraid that person is having you on.

Most recently, kinetic typography (also known as kinetic text) has made an impact as a demonstration or educational tool. Businesses have found that kinetic typography videos  create an engaged audience, so are a great way to communicate a key message about a product or service.

Onekonekt demonstration videos

Hager launched its new Onekonekt range of residential MPDs (or modular protection devices) with some help from the creatives at Orion.

The strengths of this new wiring technology lies in the safety of the product plus ease of installation; points we illustrated when designing the product brochure and the production of two short videos.