Giving kids a running start

Run for the Hills!

Relax – this is not an order, but an exciting new charity event. Combining healthy outdoor activity with fundraising for kids, Run for the Hills is just the type of thing we like to be a part of. Orion Creative signed up as a gold partner of this worthwhile event. While we were at it, we offered to put their website together, too.

This won’t hurt, we promise!

An eye-catching illustration often lingers in the mind of a customer along with its message.

Several of our graphic designers are also skilled illustrators who delight in the chance to get out their coloured pencils to help clients get a message across.

Update Your Browser

Update your browser or pay! That’s the message coming from online electronics retailer Kogan.com, who have introduced an ‘Internet Explorer Tax’ of 6.8% on any product you buy from the site.

iPads, smartphones and orangutans

It was recently reported that some orangutans in Miami zoo are using iPads as part of a learning program to increase communication with their trainers. As well as being a well-timed story for the recent release of the new iPad (nice work Apple), it also highlights the growing dominance of mobile computer technology on our daily lives.

Let’s catch up

It’s been a long time since we last spoke. We’ve been busy building websites: designing them, coding them, writing content for them and sending them into the big wide world. Here’s a rundown of some of our newest developments.

What is graphic design…and where is it headed?

In non-geek speak, graphic design is used to assist businesses in developing communications tools to represent them. Telling the crowds we are engineers or artists is a little misleading, we are in the business of communicating business. User-interface is becoming more commonly user-friendly and communications are being unified to send consistent messages to the consumer. Graphic designers make messages easier to digest and unify business messages.

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