In situ images showcase new residential carpet range

There’s nothing like gorgeous in situ images to spark interest in a new product range; particularly in the heavily visual world of interior design.

So with a new foray into the residential market, Australian/New Zealand carpet tile manufacturer Ontera Modular Carpets worked with Orion’s photography and design team to create a compelling visual story to accompany the launch.

Rams photo shoot sneak peek

The Orion photography team has been getting a workout, both on and off the field, as they gather still shots and video footage to use on the new website for sporting club the Rouse Hill Rams.

The gritty, new look will showcase a range of players of all ages from sports including netball, cricket, soccer and touch football.

What goes into package design?

Unless you work in the food, beverage or manufacturing industries, you may not take much notice of the way products are packaged and presented on supermarket shelves.

Subconsciously though, as you reach for a product you will be registering things like colour, attractiveness of product images, and how easily you can see the information you need to know to decide on your purchase.

Enfojer: Dark room developer for your smartphone pics

A campaign started on IndieGoGo aims to bring old school photography and traditional dark room developing techniques to the new age of technology.

The Enfojer is a portable smartphone photographic enlarger. It allows you to develop photographs from your smartphone at home without using any film. In an original enlarger, the film’s negatives are always the photographic source that will become enlarged, but by using the Enfojer your smartphone is the negative film.

Harmony collection rocks Ontera

Working alongside Kevin Harkin, Jeremy Mead and the Ontera team on the campaign for Harmony Collection has been great fun. The Harmony Collection is a range of carpet designs inspired by nature. We fully realised this connection to nature right across the campaign; from website to signage, logo design, brochures, photography, package design, email marketing, stationery, printing, and video production. We developed for the client a number of techniques to streamline the efficiency of the campaign and minimise costs for the client; a dedicated in-house photography studio (with magic powers) was one such technique.

New website: The Great Australian Petfood Co.

We’ve just finished a website overhaul for The Great Australian Petfood Company. The response so far has been very positive:

Well done it looks really good, we are stoked. The feedback we have been receiving is brilliant!
Scott Arnold, National Sales Manager.

The morning after launch, the first sales enquiries came in, and they’ve been pouring in ever since. It’s a testament to the effectiveness of that modest bit of web technology—the enquiry form.

Citrix Illustrated

Stock photography is bloody useful, cost-effective, quick and easy, but it can also come off a little lazy, too general, and far too easy to spot.

Here we lovingly call it B-roll—need a man holding a hammer to fill some empty space? We got that b-roll!

For a recent project, Citrix wanted to illustrate a PowerPoint presentation with many very specific photos. The main problem of course would be sourcing them all, but trying to tie them together would be a problem too, when they’re all from different photographers and shoots.